Geologists say that the Golte plateau is a foreign limestone mass among volcanic rocks, which was torn from the Savinja Alps in the past and thrust into its present location. The central part of the plateau is made up of quite pure Upper Triassic limestone, revealing characteristic megalodontid bivalves in many places.

That is why we encounter various karst features in the Golte area. Larger and smaller dolines, shafts and caves have formed here. Owing to the karst surface, the water flows underground and later emerges in numerous springs. Golte is said to derive its name from its surface “gulping up” (“golta”) water.

The most famous cave is the Ledenica cave, which was used by nearby farmers in the past to store food, as it retained snow and ice throughout the summer due to its natural position and depth.

Another famous feature is the natural window Okence, which is located in the area Mozirska požganija; the window can be seen above the marked trail Mozirska koča–Bela peč, not far from the Alpine Garden. It is about 4 metres tall and forms a needlelike arch. Those who know it well can also spot it from the cable car going up the Golte plateau.

You’re kindly invited to explore exciting underground trails in the company of experienced cavers! We’ll go on an adventurous hike to a genuine, intact karst cave and see its features that have been carved out by the power of water. On our journey we’ll be accompanied by legends and tales inspired by the subterranean world.

Cave visits must be booked in advance.

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Even though the seasons change, our location remains the same.

Even though the seasons change, our location remains the same.

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