You won’t come out of survival in the wild as fit as Tarzan or Jane, but you will learn some basics of life in the wild and discover the forgotten skills of our ancestors. A valuable experience will help you to better understand nature and yourself in the authentic environment of the landscape park.

You will learn to navigate in the forest without a compass, collect wood suitable for firewood, and start a fire. You will discover herbs, mushrooms, and wild food… At the end of the survival course, you will light a fire and treat yourself to the tea made from the collected herbs. While discovering the mountain, you can also take a walk to Trije ploti, where beautiful views of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps await.

We run the course in all seasons – there are herbs available from spring to autumn, while in winter we look for mysterious plants. Even in a snowy landscape, you will learn how to light a fire, which can come in handy in your life, but above all it will warm you up and connect you in experiencing nature.

Bushcraft is suitable for families, as well as for teambuilding or eternal romantics.

About guides  

The two guides who carry out the Bushcraft activities in Golte, achieved an exceptional 2nd place in the all-Slovenian competition for survival in nature, and they also regularly attend meetings and trainings related to forestry.

Contact e-mail address: [email protected]
Contact phone number: +386 3 839 62 56

Even though the seasons change, our location remains the same.

Even though the seasons change, our location remains the same.

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