Forests, plateaus, hills and peaks have always attracted Slovenians and we from Savinja Valley are no different. We have always admired the power of nature and devoted all our free time to it. Mountaineers and skiers have made today’s Golte Landscape Park their home and have ploughed the ground by creating summer and winter trails.

The Mozirje hut was built in 1907 and was the first stop in this area allowing for a short break for mountaineers hiking on the mountains Mozirje, Brana, Planjava and Ojstrica… The mountaineers were joined by the first skiers a few years later, in the 1920s and 1930s. As there were no organised slopes, they made them themselves. The first major step towards the development of the Golte Ski Centre was taken in 1962, when the Golte Ski Club was founded. At that time, the ski slopes began to be taken care of and the first ski lifts were built, attracting more and more visitors.

Today, Golte is a popular spot for hikers, skiers, adrenaline junkies and visitors to the Hotel Montis with its modern wellness centre.

Important milestones over the years:

  • 1969: Installation of a gondola lift to facilitate access from the valley.


  • 1970: The first ski chairlift to Golte, allowing faster access to the top of the mountain.
  • 1980: Infrastructure development continued with the construction of more ski slopes, restaurants and accommodation.


  • 1990: Golte becomes a popular skiing destination even among foreign visitors. Summer facilities, including hiking trails, are also developed.
  • 2000: Modernisation of ski facilities and major investments in infrastructure improve the visitor experience.


  • 2001: A 35,000m3 artificial lake is built for technical snowmaking. A pipeline with 50 grid connections for snow cannons is laid in the ski area.
  • 2010: Golte becomes a popular ski resort and winter sports centre for locals and foreign tourists. A modern hotel with 54 rooms and a modern wellness centre are built.
Even though the seasons change, our location remains the same.

Even though the seasons change, our location remains the same.

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